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Broadband Resources: Tools For Finding The Best Deals

Since writing my Verizon Fios Review & Deal post in 2013, I've had quite a few visitors write me a note to say thank you.

In these emails, I've answered lots of questions, but below is a quick list of tools and resources that answer the most common questions, I've encountered.

How Do I Know What Providers Are In My Area?

By far the most common question, I've gotten is "Does Verizon Fios offer service in my area?"

In the past I used to send them to the Fios site to look for availability (this page also has a map), but recently I discovered Broadband Now, Providers By Zip, and

Each of these sites allow you to enter your zip code in and they'll help you get a rough idea of which internet providers offer service in your area.

That said, is the most accurate for my town so your milage may vary.

How Much Speed Do I Need?

Another common question I get is "How much download speed do I need?"

While this is a really though question to answer, I generally recommend users run a speed test on their current internet plan then decided based on what they are currently getting if they need more.

Some guides on the internet say that you need 50+ mbps, but for most people 25 mbps is plenty. (Not surprisingly, this is also the standard set by the FCC).

To do a Speed Test, I used to recommend but now I recommend DSL Report's Speedtest because just recently was acquired by Ziff Davis who's SEC paperwork reveals that gets the majority of it's funding from big cable companies and telecom companies. So they have a conflict of interest in showing you what your download speed is.

Will This Plan Work With Netflix?

More and more consumers seem to be "cutting the cord" in favor of going with Netflix.

If you are one of these consumers, then definitely make sure to check out the Netflix Speed Index to see how your current provider and/or intended provider stacks up.

Hope these tools have been useful!